Building bridges through art and creative expression

(June 20, 2011) – Three Canadian Muslim artists recently took part in a panel discussion on building bridges with the society using their creative talent.

The event, held on June 12th, brought together Nader Khan, nasheed artist, songwriter and social activist, Besma Soltan, spoken word artist and organizer of SPEAK OUT, and Umar Shahzad, graphic artist and professional photographer.

The panelists discussed how they use the language of art in articulating their message, how they utilize creative expression to promote social justice causes and what obstacles they face as artists.

Earlier in the program, Amer Meknas, Event Director of MuslimFest,  spoke about MuslimFest 2011, an award winning annual festival in its 8th successful year which will take place on July 23rd and 24th at the brand new Mississauga Celebration Square in the heart of Mississauga.

The event was part of the ongoing Community Development Program (CDP) that is sponsored by DawaNet.

DawaNet was started in 2000 and aims to pioneer community projects that empower people and organizations ‘to lead, link, serve, and share.’

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