The Quest for Meaning

questformeaningHow different are the various religions and traditions of thought?

How can we see past our differences and discover what we have in common?

In his upcoming book scheduled to be released later this year, Tariq Ramadan, philosopher and Islamic scholar, invites the reader to join him on a journey to the deep ocean of religious, secular, and indigenous spiritual traditions.

Ramadan interrogates the concepts that frame current debates including: faith and reason, emotions and spirituality, tradition and modernity, freedom, equality, universality, and civilization.

He acknowledges the greatest flashpoints and attempts to bridge divergent paths to a common ground between these religious and intellectual traditions.

He calls urgently for a deep and meaningful dialogue that leads us to go beyond tolerant co-existence to mutual respect and enrichment.

This is an important, timely and intelligent book that aims to direct and shape debate around the most important questions of our time.

Product Details:

Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: Penguin Ireland (Sep 21 2010)

ISBN-10: 1846141516

ISBN-13: 978-1846141515