Public foundation recognizes ‘good works’

The Olive Tree Foundation celebrated community development at its Annual Appreciation Brunch on Sunday June 20, 2010.

“Successful public foundations that fund community initiatives can lead to community development,” said Muneeb Nasir, President of the Olive Tree Foundation.

The event, titled, ‘Leading Community Development’, recognized the Foundation’s contributions as one of Canada’s first Muslim granting agencies and public endowments, and recognized the Olive Tree Foundation’s donors and grant recipients.

The event was attended by a number of non-profit organizations, community workers and supporters of community development.

“Our annual event recognizes all those who are doing good works and providing services to our community,” Nasir told the audience in his opening remarks.

Olive Tree Brunch June 20, 2010 held in Markham, Ontario
Saeed Haniff, Board member of Olive Tree Foundation

Rabia Khedr, Executive Director, CAM-D
Dr. Katherine Bullock, President of Tessellate Institute

Mohammed Jalaluddin, ANSARCO
Muhammed Haseeb Ali, Treasurer of Olive Tree Foundation
Muneeb Nasir, President of Olive Tree Foundation
Pervez Nasim, ANSARCO and Dr. Katherine Bullock, Tessellate Institute

Imam Abdur Rashid Taylor, Islamic Chaplaincy; Dr. Katherine Bullock, Tessellate Institute; and Muneeb Nasir, Olive Tree Foundation
Muhammed Haseeb Ali and Osman Yakub

Imam Abdur Rashid Taylor, Muneeb Nasir and Shaikh Abdool Hamid

Muneeb Nasir, Olive Tree Foundation and Mohamed Bhabha, Muslim Seniors Circle
Mariam Bhabha, Mohamed Bhabha and Dr. Taufik Valiante

Zubeda Vahed
Youssef Islah, Dr Hind Al-Abadleh and her mother; Hossam Khedr
Shaikh Abdool Hamid and Saeed Haniff
Dr Saeeda, Shakira Haniff, Safiyya Haniff and Sheleza Latif
Sherry Khan, Sadiyya Ali and Fanieza Nasir
Nabeel Nasir and Saleem Haniff
Khaleel Ahmad and Opheera Nasir
Zainul McDoom and Sadruddin Usman

Faizel Abdulcader and Waris Malik