Canadian Muslim NGOs provide relief in Haiti

HCI(January 26, 2010) – The Canadian relief agency, Human Concern International’s (HCI) official representatives in Trinidad & Tobago visited the devastated areas in Port au Prince.

They reported disturbing stories from the field, stories of destruction and devastation.

HCI’s relief mission in Haiti consists of 7 individuals who traveled from Trinidad to Haiti and procured food supplies from Santo Domingo and moved them to Port au Prince.

HCI’s distribution process is still ongoing and links have been set up between Trinidad, Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince so that other supplies currently being prepared in Trinidad and Tobago can easily reach those who desperately need them.


The Toronto based relief organization, North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF), is also on the ground in Port au Prince. The organization’s Executive Director, Farooq M. Khan, has been procuring supplies from Santo Domingo and having them transported to Haiti.