Transition and Transformation

MP By  Muna Ali, Muslim Presence

Living rushed lives juggling demands and deadlines, we are always thinking of the next moment; neither living in the present one, nor reflecting on the one that just passed. Few among us are those who lead a life of self-conscious purpose; the rest of us sleepwalk through the trance that is our unexamined lives.

As we busy ourselves with climbing career ladders, obtaining the latest gadget we “need,” or complaining of ills of the world and waiting for others to cure them, the days of our lives pass by. We are left often dissatisfied and in search for something we cannot even name. It is no wonder that depression and loneliness are pandemic.

Our relationships with family, friends, self, and God are often not what we hope them to be.  Try as we might, we can’t seem to have them work. Family members try our patience and the limits of love…the many friends we think we have disappear in difficult times…we fall short of the self-improvement plans and goals we set for ourselves. (READ MORE)