Mosquers Awards Recognize Edmonton Youths


(June 12, 2009) – Muslims in Edmonton recently recognized young film and video artists at the 3rd Annual Mosquers Awards held on May 30.

The Mosquers is a video contest that encourages young Muslims in Edmonton to grab a camera and tell their story about life in Canada.

The Larry Shaben Award, given in memory of one of province’s pioneer Muslim community leaders, went to Rosso et Aluz, produced by Saraa Mahfouz and Amir Chang, who won in the drama category.

The Best-comedy award went to Sameer’s 30 Days produced by Fahad Shaikh and Shawn Kanungo.

This year’s event was hosted by popular comedian, Azhar Usman.

Two years ago, The Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations approached a few Muslim youth to work together and develop a creative tool to help decrease common misunderstandings and stereotypes about Muslims.

The result was the creation of the The Mosquers which allows young Muslims to showcase their creative skills and dispel stereotypes about themselves and their religion.

Go to youtube to view most submissions.

They are also viewable on the mosquers website: