How am I?

Poem by Habeeb Alli

In this another month of Ramadan

Working between hours while catching up sleep

Praying that the fast lasts until the adhan in slumber

Summer makes it feel harder

But images of millions thirsty

And The Fire with fury

Keeps my days going by without a thunder

Taraweeh in the masjid is such a miracle

All competing for the finale

While appeals for donations goes unheard

Except the trickle of generosity and that is well regarded

Iftars and dinners still a pleasure

Where diverse cuisine compete for our hunger

And speeches by redundant thoughts fail to satiate the younger

But where is the spirit in all this madness: for God’s answer?

Maybe it’s the unreasonableness of love

Where the lover and beloved awaits their encounter

While sacrificing everything to make it matter

So at end of today it’s meeting Him and not eating that makes me happier!

Ramadan should not be a month of curtailed desire

It should be a month of keeping promises

So everyday becomes Allah’s desire

And when we meet Him, we can say I kept fast only for Your pleasure!