Habeel Alli releases collection of essays

Habeeb Alli

(August 14, 2009) – Habeeb Alli has released a new book, Naked Truths.

Naked Truths is a collection of essays based on social, religious and sexual issues.

These concise analyses are based on a number of widely debated topics, aimed at refreshing our minds on past experiences and contemporary issues.

Living through our daily activities, at times, happiness evades us, as we think it’s only from certain things and persons we can find happy balance.

But each daily act provides a spiritual dimension that is reason for happiness.

This book explores those options and liberates us from thinking religion is totally against being happy!

Readers will get an opportunity to examine most of their spiritual happiness in a worldly paradigm that touches on love, sex, travel, work, honesty, charity, care, etc

Habeeb Alli was born in 1969, Guyana’s Independence Day, in the town of Enmore, Guyana, South America. He attended Queens College, and worked at the National Bank in Georgetown, before undergoing studies in spirituality and journalism in India. In 2003 he immigrated to Canada, where he later studied world religions and new age happiness. Since then he has been actively writing fiction and non- fiction themes that are thoughtful and informative.

Author’s website: www.pakaraimawriters.org

Publisher: Blue Tree Publishing and Design

24 Crossroads Drive

Richmond Hill Ontario

L4E 5C9


Publication date: July, 2009

ISBN: 0-595-53206-3

Number of Pages: 120

Book format: soft cover

Price: 10.00 CDN

Order: Guyana outpost bookstore, www.guyanaoutpost.com/bookstore